Thursday, January 6, 2011

St. Spryidon

Name Day Dec 12th. We had visited St. Spyridon's tomb in Corfu in a few years back. One of  the shop keepers gave me some packets of his relics so I finally painted him and inserted the relics into the icon (not shown here). I have been experimenting with colors in the flesh, making things somewhat pinker and using burnt sienna for the darker tones. Not sure if I will stick to this. Taking my time these days and icons are taking weeks to paint. Despite the flaws in the gold on this one, trying to re do things I don't like before the final varnish is applied.

The relics consisted of tiny pieces of his velvet slippers that are changed out once a year from his feet. I found a reliquary on line specifically for icons. Its a small gold box with a crystal lid. You insert the relics then drill a spot in the icon and glue the reliquary in place permanently.

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