Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Anniversary Dinner

Hmmm....Roasted Salmon with a Teriyaki/ Szechuan glaze with roasted yukons and our favorite sauteed Brussel's Sprouts.

I was Sam's today picking up the usual order of romaine heads and other stuff for the weekend festivities. They always have a nice cut of Steelhead trout. Tasty and moist, it only tales minutes to roast at 400 degrees and lends itself to all kinds of treatments. We had a bit of stir fry sauce  and a bit of Teriyaki glaze. Place it on non stick foil with a smidgen of olive oil. Roast away. I like doing the spuds in the toaster oven, high heat. I don't even turn them over. Let 'em go till they are toasty brown and crsip on one side and so tender in the middle. 15 minutes and dinner is on the table. Took me longer to clean the sprouts.

Happy Anniversary dear....31 years since we became engaged to be married.

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