Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I finally used the dough I had made earlier for a pizza. The recipe makes just too much dough for one 18 inch crust but not enough for 2 crusts so I am going to have do some adjusting or make smaller pizzas. 18 inch is just the right size to feed everyone who happens to be here plus have some for lunch the next day. I used the whole batch on one crust and it was thick but delicious and crunchy on the bottom but too much dough for the pan. I can see the airy holes in the thick part of the crust so I know I am on the right track here.

Cold rise is the way to go but you have to plan your pizza day ahead for cold rise.  I cooked the crust on a teflon pan first, dressed it and then placed direct on the stone at a high temp for the final bake. Works great and I don't spill half the stuff in my newly cleaned oven, trying to shake it off the peel.  Still gonna keep my rapid rise recipe I posted earlier because sometimes you just feel like a pizza and haven't a dough in the fridge....but I have started planning ahead. The dough rises slowly in the fridge and can be kept about a week.

Oh is the 31st (I believe) anniversary of our engagement. Happy Anniversary,  Dearest.  What's for dinner?

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