Monday, February 28, 2011

A Weekend of feast and flop

Friday I wasn't going to cook but my wife called and said the kids were stopping by. I went a got some flounder filets, scallops and shrimps from the freezer. I found a recipe that layered fish, seafood, cheeses and topped with fish. Overall was a hollandaise. I should have known better but I followed the recipe and baked it the prescribed time. It failed msierably. The sauce was thin and basically butter with curdled cheese. While it tasted great I should have made my usual hollandaise or the sauce from Coquille St. Jacques. It would have tightened up better and made the dish delicious. Live and learn.  That was the flop.

On a better note we were invited to dinner at a friends. Now that rarely happens (apparently I put people off and they are afraid to cook for me) but this lady knows her stuff. She made us a variety of Greek dishes one being Moussaka and what she called a greek caccitore. All was delicious and I was sorry I could not eat more (our new lifestyle portions are rather small). She sent some Moussaka home and Ben took it to work and I had a bite of what was left this a.m. This was the feast. Yum.

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