Thursday, April 28, 2011

M's Pub for lunch

Mmmmmmm...lamb burger with a potent dijon mustard. Yummy!

I forgot how much this little gem of restaurant in the midst of the Old Market in Omaha is such a pleasure. I think the last time I had a meal here was before my thesis show in the Gallery At The Market which closed after our show. You could see into the Gallery from M's. I have most of the pieces from that show in my possesion. Its was a great time in 1976. Hard to believe that M's has been there that long!

The menu has all kinds of goodies and perhaps its just my age, but I found it to be reasonably priced also. Going to have to consider this more often.

Last night we hit the Red Eye Tavern for burgers and wings. 2 for one.  Its a regular meatfest this week. Gonna have to hit the diet hard on Monday.  Blue cheese burger for me with a side salad. You see, I'm not all bad. I ate a salad.

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