Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pascha..... the Orthodox way

It's the middle of Holy Week and God help me I am already thinking of foods to prepare for Sunday. Not sure who is going to be around but.....

Well, we go the Greek Church but we are not Greek. That being said, even my Serbian heritage commands that I serve lamb. Not all my family likes the lamb as much as I do (and the boys). This year, instead of buying a huge boneless leg, I have a smaller leg and some lamb breast. I will cook both along with some brined chicken breasts and perhaps a few hamburgers and wings. I posted the lamb breast before and it makes me hungry just thinking of the smell as it cooks. Crazy good.

Church continues throughout the week becoming more intense as we approach Friday night. After the Saturday night service, we will feast again this year on some sort of beef. I usually prefer when they serve Greek food but Sunday's picnic will quell that need besides what I am cooking at home.  It's hard to eat that heavy food at 1 a.m. in the morning after fasting from meat for 40 days but I will try to choke it down! Normally, at the old church,  we did not stay for dinner and brought beef jerky in the car to devour on the way home. For some reason my Catholic/ Lutheran  friends find that hilarious but they have never given up so much for so long. Don't get me wrong, as far as fasting goes, we are terrible at it (since we don't fast from dairy). Amazing how many people, after finding out we don't eat meat during Lent will ask "Do you eat chicken then?".  Crazy.

When I get up Sunday morning, usually way too early, I will start cooking and marinating the meats of the day. At 4p.m.  we have the last service of the Paschal season (Agape) and then the church picnic. All the kids can't make it there so we will have a home feast also beforehand.  I have overdone this in the past as everyone wanted something different but this year I lust for chicken wings and burgers as as well as lamb. All will be accommodated and leftovers will run rampant for the rest of the week. Honestly, once I taste meat again, I will wonder what the big deal is.


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