Saturday, April 23, 2011

Post Liturgical Lunch

After Holy Saturday Liturgy we stopped at Shirley's Diner and had Cheese Frenchee's and onion rings. Yum so good but an indulgence one can only have on occasion. Came home and started brining the chicken for tomorrow and finishing the grocery list for this afternoon. Debating making some jerky just for grins but it is so much work and I can' take the smell this late in the fast. It would push me over the edge!

The service is one our favorites but its poorly attended and yet so important. Mid service the priest throws handfulls of rose petals and basil into the church and all over the parishoners and a douse of Holy Water. We skipped Holy Thursday and then felt bad about it this year but I was exhausted. Still, few showed up and we felt terrible. Can you imagine what it's like for the priest? He puts on all this great stuff and even his chanters fail to show. Sad really.

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