Friday, April 1, 2011

Eating New Orleans

Got here late, very late, Wednesday night and got to my meeting Thursday on time. Brenda and I met for lunch at a local sports bar. We had fried crawfish salads and onion straws. A lot of food then back to the meeting. Afterwards we walked Royal Street and stopped at the Royal Oyster House for dinner. Raw oysters are nothing like they are in Omaha. So fresh and tasty and then the main course of salmon with a crab sautee. It was all so good and the Malbec was great. We strolled Bourbon Street but we were not impressed. Lots of drunks and horse crap in the street.

Today, Brenda brought me a oyster po'boy from Mother's. It was great and she had the grilled shrimps po'boy. But really, $18 for a sandwich. It was'nt THAT great. I finished the meeting at around 3:30 and walked to the hotel. After a short nap we headed out down Decateur Street and stopped at the Cathederal. Great place. We walked the whole French Open market then tired and thirsty we headed for the Cresent Brewery and swilled a local brew. They had a seafood cheesecake on the menu so that's our appetizer for the night. A sublime and savory blend of cheeses and crawfish served like a giant wedge of cheesecake. Light and fluffy it disappeared fast spead on toasts. Yum, gonna have to try this one at home.

Tonight we are going to have to find another dinner spot. Perhaps Deanies. Please, something not deep fried.

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